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Of or pertaining to harnessing or deciphering the human psyche: the mind, soul, spirit, or inner self.

Making faces at the computer screen


Remind yourself that engaging with other users on the internet is like making a scene at the mall. Do you want to be rubbernecked in writing? For….EVER? If you have to air a dispute, make sure it’s worth being spliced into the evening news. Otherwise, practice the time-honored art of making faces at your screen and take a cue from this Kids in the Hall sketch:

How depression is like a forest fire

Huge Wild Mushroom June 2009.1

Remind you of a forest fire? I mean the natural kind, the kind they taught you about in middle school science class. A forest is just sitting there minding its own business and suddenly a dead-but-still-standing tree is struck by lightening. It sparks a fire, and that fire consumes everything in its path until…it stops.