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Social Media, SEO, PR, PPC, Advertising and Marketing are my bag. And as the bio says – I AM a Professional Question Asker.

Social Media is Fun. But it is also WORK.

I'm yawning and ignoring you

It has been a smooth 10 years since Social Media has been proven to help bump your business up the ladder online. Now, it’s (rightfully) a business fact. You can’t toss a ham sandwich anymore without hitting a hashtag or an @ symbol. They’re painted on public transportation, patrol vehicles, delivery trucks, shop windows, light…

My Podcast List Changes Weekly Because It’s The Best

Photo of Jillian laughing, taken by Mila Arujo

You can thank Podcasts in Color for this post. I tweeted this little half-hearted rant last week and it piqued @PodcastsinColor’s interest.   Y’knowww……we whine about “top suggested podcasts” type lists and blog lists for that matter don’t include black content…. (1 of 2) — Jillian. (@OneJillian) May 8, 2015 But I have to also…