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About Jillian

This Is Me: An Asker, Listener, Thinker and Answer-Giver

This site has lived and served for 4 years. Throughout those 4 years, it’s gone from being a jobsearching self-marketing site, to a personal blog, to a hybrid, to just plain dormant.

I never wanted to be one of those preachy marketing industry talking heads. I felt I had little experience in this burgeoning industry that is online marketing, so I didn’t want to add to the noise. And now I’m informed and experienced enough to offer a real, useful commentary. I’m not adding to the noise when I comment on online marketing tactics and tools any longer.

No, I don’t care about buzzwords. Use as many as you like. But communicate with them. There aren’t a whole lot of other things to call “digital marketing” except “online marketing” and “internet marketing“…what do you care which one someone chooses to say? Don’t we all know what they mean? Can they choose to ignore the internet? Then stop mocking buzzwords and talk about your work!

Professional Question-Asker

Now I have 6 solid years of professional digital marketing and social media in my rearview. And I have mixed feelings about what I see on the horizon. I care about people – the commodity that all of us are fighting over, buying and selling, persuading clicks and purchases from…

I care about them. I still see myself as one of them. I also see the infestation of “helpful tools” growing out of control in our industry. I can’t help asking questions, like

  1. Is using this tool skipping a step or adding a step?
  2. How many free tools does it take to finally equal the efficiency of one paid tool?
  3. Is the data correctly representing your audience?

All the tools and data in the word don’t amount to a hill of beans when measured up against the unique, human element. When it all boils down to the essence of digital marketing, are you doing the right thing? Or are you just trying to get popular? If, for you, online marketing using social media is all about forcing a sale tweet by tweet, then you’ve already failed at achieving your goal.

Personal and Practical

Look, I don’t know what the future holds for me. I still entertain the notion of being a globe-trotting polyglot. Perhaps that future contains rocking the socks off of your audience — for your direct competitor (hey, all’s fair in love and commerce). Joining this online marketing industry was a natural next step of my life online. You can bet on one thing – I’ll be doing my best work and loving it.

Because I love the internet. Do you hear me? I. Love. The World Wide Web. I love Social Media, Wikipedia, Nerfigteria, Youtubia, Blogtopia, Tumblrnica, LiveJournal and the Social Universe.

I often say in my online bios: “You’ve probably seen me before.” And it’s true. If you can’t find me online, you are literally trying not to. I am a curious soul who not only wants to know why and how, but also “what then?” – which I think is going to be the bigger question we’ll be answering as we keep integrating social media into the traditional marketing (and business) strategy.

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