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Social Media is Fun. But it is also WORK.

It has been a smooth 10 years since Social Media has been proven to help bump your business up the ladder online. Now, it’s (rightfully) a business fact.

You can’t toss a ham sandwich anymore without hitting a hashtag or an @ symbol. They’re painted on public transportation, patrol vehicles, delivery trucks, shop windows, light poles…


People Like a Social Business

Harvard Business Review tells you to do it, using words like “scale” and “cost-effective.” The start-up community tells you to do it using words like “community” and “growth.” You’re getting it in college, which is GREAT, honestly. Your favorite celebrity is pressuring you to do it like they do, using words like “transparent” and “real.” You local industry meetings are telling you that you’re lagging behind if you DON’T do it, using words like “inbound” and “ROI.”

Listen to me. You’ll see it everywhere now: before a business even opens its proverbial doors, the social media profiles are already collecting likes, comments, high fives, even early buy-in from prospective customers.

You see those things when the Social strategy in place and is well-executed. Hell – you’ll see it when the strategy is mediocre-ly-executed. For certain businesses. A B2B shoelace aglet (look it up) wholesaler may not see the same results as a makeup line.

Is your teenage cousin’s popular best friend aware of that?


People Don’t Like EVERY Social Business

Just because businesses can benefit from a great Social Media profile, that doesn’t mean that any cute social profile will bring the same results for any business. This is not like playing LEGOs. You need more than a tab to fit into a slot.

What you need for good business social is:

  • A GOOD FIT! plenty of free content is out there now, formulated to help business owners (or directors) in every industry evaluate what level of commitment to Social Media is advisable for your type of business.
  • A GOOD ADVISOR! it’s hard to locate someone with knowledge of how Social Media fits into your particular marketing mix – or more generally, your niche within your industry. BUT PLEASE TRY.
  • TIME AND RESOURCES! you have to pay a knowledgeable Social Media manager, and provide that person with the ability to create content that will SPEAK TO YOUR CUSTOMER SEGMENT.
  • RESPECT FOR THE MEDIUM! when you were growing up, you thought your parents and bosses knew nothing about the emerging greatness that comprised your interests. PLEASE access that phase of your life and realize new and powerful interests that SWAY YOUR CUSTOMER SEGMENT are constantly emerging.


Social Media Doesn’t Make Customers. Social Media Attracts Customers

Social Media is supposed to serve your business needs – NOT your personal aesthetic. When you consider adding it to your marketing mix, or changing your current strategy, PLEASE resist the urge to think that your entire customer segment of the niche within the entire industry where your business rests, IS JUST LIKE YOU.

You would be ASTONISHED about the types of customers who are drawn to your product or offering. What a huge, wide world of people and personalities, interests and connections we live in – don’t limit your business by marketing to yourself.


In the end, you as the business owner or director, need to make the same kind of considered decision about your social media as you do about your electrician. Don’t leave it to “someone young” without matching their proven skill to your specific need.


“Jillian, completely disagree with you.”

Cool. Tell me why.

Jillian (3 Posts)

You've probably seen me before: I'm a Millennial/GenY Branding, Digital Strategy, Social Media, and SEO pro, who tinkers with web projects in her off hours. Hobbies? Learning! Korean, French, Tai Chi, I Ching, and of course Natural Haircare. In short, I'm your typical nerd stew.