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My Podcast List Changes Weekly Because It’s The Best

You can thank Podcasts in Color for this post. I tweeted this little half-hearted rant last week and it piqued @PodcastsinColor’s interest.



You see, they run a site that itemizes podcasts on every topic you can desire (growing daily, mind you), all with one thing in common. All the ‘casts on that site are hosted by people of color.

That is to say, non-white voices talking about everything that interests you, from every point of view you find featured in the mainstream. I mean, that includes nerds, sports nuts, news junkies, comedians, moms, singles, relationship advice, racial issues, philosophy, religious, activism, fashion and pop culture, and of course some things are left out of this list.


Why Are You Obsessed With Podcasts, Jillian?

Over the last year or so, I’ve grown really infatuated with podcasts. My sister started it all, by suggesting one weekly podcast to me that she thought was funny. This is The Read is where it all began.

I listened to that podcast in a one-hour rush of mirth, and waited impatiently for the next Thursday to roll around. One episode, Kid Fury mentioned they were in the top 100 podcasts or something, having to do with the iTunes charts (and at the time I was using my Android phone, proudly thumbing my nose at Apple).

I became interested in other podcasts, after scrolling through the featured shows in the Stitcher Android podcast listening app. I picked one, and another 5. I listened relentlessly for weeks, going through archives. I was bored again.


You Can’t Be Satisfied, Huh?

Then Kid Fury and Crissle mentioned The Black Guy Who Tips, calling one of the hosts “The Black Podcast Godfather” and I had to find out what’s so great about it. Being familiar with long-form podcasts through enjoying Pete Holmes’ You Made It Weird, I quickly latched onto the daily dose of #TBGWT

It was all over when I got the landmark episode where Rod and Karen explained why they keep shouting out Bulletball and Bulletball Extreme! If you have any appreciation for Charlie Brown, this episode will be your favorite podcast episode of all time!

Anyway, podcasts have quickly become my preferred method of passive learning and, as blogs and social media before them, connection with voices with which I identify. I keep looking for more voices, more points of view, more topics, more…more. Particularly, more content from creators of color.


Photo of Jillian laughing, taken by Mila Arujo

Photo of Jillian laughing, taken by Mila Arujo

Oh OK. You’re Insatiable Because You’re Impressed

What I’ve learned in the past year is that we are everywhere online, hidden away behind the array of white voices until we outshine mainstream featured podcasts (some of them brand new, some abandoned, some completely aimless) through long hours and exhaustive networking.

I try to add podcasts of color to my list as often as possible and I shave the ‘casts that bore me or that I’m not vibing with, and I even love that part! I love that I can choose not to listen to some voices of color, because there are lots to choose from. I love that I found out there aren’t just a couple black podcasts, like the “Featured Podcasts” and “New and Noteworthy” lists seem to indicate.

I continuously prune my listen-list, according to new suggestions on any of the podcasts I currently listen to, and from the crossover episodes shared among different hosts. I’m impressed by all the voices I’m exposed to, I’m happy to try out a new ‘cast whenever the suggestion arises, and I’ll say it: My listen list is the best, really.


You can pick through it if you want. I call it The Best Podcast Listen List:

  • Talk To Me In Korean (asian)
  • Yo, Is This Racist? (asian)


  • 2 Guys 1 Show (black)
  • Another Round with Heben and Tracey (black)
  • Blerds on Nerds (black)
  • Black Nerd Problems (black)
  • Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of All Time Period (black)
  • Neck of the Woods (black)
  • Screenwriters Rant Room (black)
  • Tea with Queen and J (black)
  • The Black Guy Who Tips (black)
  • This Is The Read (black)
  • The Reality Is (black)
  • TWiB – #TWiBnation (black)
  • What’s the Tea (black)
  • Whiskey, Wine & Moonshine (black)


  • Angela Yee’s Lip Service (latino)
  • Oh So Pinteresting (latino)


  • FanBros (mixed)
  • Call Your Girlfriend (mixed)
  • Chonilla (mixed)
  • Good Job Brain (mixed)
  • Road to TED (mixed)
  • Web Search Social Podcast (mixed)
  • Wham Bam Pow (mixed)
  • White House Speeches (mixed)


  • Afterbuzz TV – Agents of SHIELD After Show (white)
  • Best of the Left (white)
  • BITCH Radio (white)
  • Chicks Who Script (white)
  • Children of Tendu (white)
  • Couple Things Podcast (white)
  • Happier with Gretchen Rubin (white)
  • History of Bad Ideas (white)
  • Internet Pandas (white)
  • Judge John Hodgman (white)
  • Level 7 Access (white)
  • Listen to Lucy (white)
  • Lore (white)
  • Mission Log – Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast (white)
  • Nerdist Writers Panel (white)
  • Phantastic Geek – Agents of SHIELD Podcast (white)
  • Popaganda (white)
  • Scriptnotes (white)
  • Serial (white)
  • Silver Screen Queens (white)
  • Slash /Filmcast (white)
  • Smart Passive Income w/Pat Flynn (white)
  • Stuff Mom Never Told You (white)
  • Stuff You Missed In History (white)
  • Stuff You Should Know (white)
  • Tech Douchebags (white)
  • The Bowery Boys – New York City History (white)
  • The Brookings Cafeteria  (white)
  • The Canon (white)
  • The Marketing Companion (white)
  • The Nerdist (white)
  • The Sandbox – Agents of Shield Podcast (white)
  • This Week in Marvel (white)
  • Thrilling Adventure Hour (white)
  • We Have Concerns (white)
  • Welcome to Night Vale (white)
  • WTF with Marc Maron (white)
  • You Made it Weird (white)

Like I said, my listen-list is closely pruned. Frequently pruned. And for now, it’s just a snapshot, but I may update it quarterly, if you demand it.

Jillian (3 Posts)

You've probably seen me before: I'm a Millennial/GenY Branding, Digital Strategy, Social Media, and SEO pro, who tinkers with web projects in her off hours. Hobbies? Learning! Korean, French, Tai Chi, I Ching, and of course Natural Haircare. In short, I'm your typical nerd stew.