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Myers-Briggs Be Telling Me Stuff

Have you taken the Myers-Briggs personality assessment test? I’ve taken it multiple times, both for school and for play. I did once for an intro psychology class. I took it once again for an intermediate advertising class. Another time for fun; and I’m not sure whether I’ve done it more than that, though I can tell you truthfully I have NOT taken this assessment recently.

The last time I took the Myers-Briggs must have been over four years ago. A little over two years ago, I was asked in another blogging platform if I’d taken it. My response:

I have.

I am INTJ.

I am also INTJ.

Besides this, I am INTJ.

Finally I’d be categorized as INTJ.

So. I guess that sums me up, huh?  I don’t know if I agree, but to be fair, I didn’t read them all.

And it’s true; I read a couple and my personality type seemed about as likely to be true as my Zodiac sign type. The two are not congruent. Nor are they both in line with my Numerology report, which give me a lucky number of 7. Well that is NOT at all predictable.

You’ll Change the World by Following Your Heart

What I find in most cases when I discover the meaning of myself, which someone has made up or tested in a lab, or what-have-you, is that there is a lot of potential passed around.

I always find a false sense of catalyst-ness being bandied about, like that’s OK. In fact, it’s NOT OK. Just like there is a whole lot of “middle” in a sandwich and only two slices of bread….there are a WHOLE lot of people who read that crap and think “maybe I can actually do this thing I’ve been considering but not really but kind of…” who will end up mashed into a sauce and spread across those two lucky slices.

Am I a Nay-Sayer? Nope. I’m Realistic.

Why are they the 99%? Why are they not the 56% or the 38%? Because alllllllllllll those 99% are making the sandwich encased in the 1% bread pretty delicious. Being ordinary, working it out, day-after-day…that’s what the assessments should measure.

 Being a catalyst – while it’s amazing – is not a mass activity. OR IS IT?

Jillian (3 Posts)

You've probably seen me before: I'm a Millennial/GenY Branding, Digital Strategy, Social Media, and SEO pro, who tinkers with web projects in her off hours. Hobbies? Learning! Korean, French, Tai Chi, I Ching, and of course Natural Haircare. In short, I'm your typical nerd stew.