Reminder: there is NO elixir of Instant Awesome

Your pursuit of Awesomeness Begins:

Your friends kept inviting you to join Facebook, so you finally did. My[_____] (it renamed itself BTW; it used to be MySpace) was dead, anyhow.

What’s all this crap?

You saw a bunch of people having all kinds of fun in these “groups” so…you joined a group. And another. They told you the cool kids are on LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, they told you the cool kids hang out in LinkedIn Groups. You joined one. “Why not, right?” And a few more. “Sigh…This is kind of…pointless,” you’re thinking. “No one’s talking to me.

Then they told you even more cool kids hang out on Twitter. You joined up and were instantly overwhelmed:

Everyone’s So Awesome – how can I ever compare!?

The ones who actually respond to you, tell you to join a tribe. “What the melted ice-cream is a tribe???” They tell you if you join a tribe, all your social media efforts will fall into place. You will be instantly awesome.

So you knock around Twitter for a while, trying to glean awesomeness residue off the coolest of the cool kids. Then … you find a cool kid who is IN a tribe. And you remain a cold lonely hobo, nose pressed against the livingroom window on a snowy night.

Wake. Up.

Look. Just because you follow along, you will NOT locate the shelf where the so-called “cool kids” get their concentrated ration of “Awesome Elixir.” Okay? It’s junk when they tell you it exists, it’s junk then they open their suitcase full of it, and it’s junk when they sell it to you for $49.87 a bottle.

Have you noticed when you join up to a running crowd, you’re walking in the back? If you want to find the FUN in things, MAKE IT! YOU ARE THE BOTTLE OF AWESOME ELIXIR!

Now, this is the word of OneJillian. What say you? Where are they really hiding the Awesome Elixir, and where can I get it on sale?

Jillian (50 Posts)

You've probably seen me before: I'm a Millennial/GenY Social Media, Community Management and SEO pro, who tinkers with websites and blogs in her off hours. As a hobby? I teach myself to read, write and speak Korean. I keep up with French as well. Oh yeah - I have natural hair. My most recent Big Chop? January 2013. In short, I'm your typical nerd stew.

  1. The secret to AWESOME is that you learn it by trial and error. Nobody’s going to tell you how to be awesome (though a good friend will let you know if you’re heading in the right direction) and it doesn’t come in a bottle. If you have to pay for it, it isn’t awesome–which is not to say you won’t need to buy tools sometimes, but you can’t buy ready-made awesome.

    Every time you try out one of those shiny new toys or cool new sites and discover it doesn’t work for you, you’re working your way toward awesome. Then one day you find something that clicks: you feel comfortable; the people you want to meet are there; everybody’s on topic or having fun (preferably a little of both). That’s your AWESOME.

    As the old saying goes, you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your handsome prince.

    • That’s EXACTLY correct, Karen. Trial and error is the only way you will be comfortable with navigating the internet and gaining real connections through social networking.

      Thank you for your comment!

  2. Nick

    Yes Yes and yes, you are spot on. this is really really good. LI, FB and twitter are all ike a social media rat-race.. thanks for your perspective

    • Thank you, Nick!

      You only realize that’s what people want when they come asking you to make it happen for them.

      “I have a bottle of awesome here. Totally pure stuff. Now It’s marked $100 but I see you’re a good person, so tell ya what I’ll do: how about just between us, I’ll take half that?”

  3. OneJillian,

    I read the preview section of your fabulous “NO elixir” post and I clicked to read the rest because of your signature style wrapped around good content. and

    I dig your bold presentation(as in “an idea is only bold, until its sold” ~ Don The Idea Guy) and your matter of Fact OneJillian/OneBrand!

    • Thank you for your comment, and the compliments :)