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How depression is like a forest fire

It’s a taboo topic: Depression.

Many people suffer in silence. Many people erroneously self-diagnose. And on the largest part of the curve – the part of the graph that makes the central part of the bell curve – you find those who are in the throes of depression, are seeking or receiving help, and are recovering.

Yes, depression happens. And it is devastating to the sufferer as well as the ones who love her or him. But after the destruction Depression can cause, there is a cleansing rain of acceptance and finally the beautiful moment when new growth begins.

Remind you of a forest fire? I mean the natural kind, the kind they taught you about in middle school science class. A forest is just sitting there minding its own business and suddenly a dead-but-still-standing tree is struck by lightening. It sparks a fire, and that fire consumes everything in its path until…it stops.

The aftermath is a terrible sightBut underneath…in all that scorched wood and plant life, there are nutrients that would otherwise have not reached the forest floor. Rains reach that forest floor as well. New growth begins where the once flourishing forest stood. And guess what? Before long, a beautiful forest stands where there was stink, burn, and baldness.

Depression happens, but AFTER DEPRESSION also happens. It’s not over once you’re down. Don’t you know that’s where you scoop up your potential energy?

Now this is just the word of One Jillian. What say you? What makes your phoenix rise?

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