Obligatory Blog Name Change Anxiety

First things first: sorry I’ve spent over a year doing everything but posting here. You Forgive Me. I could make promises about 2015, but really…why? Best to move on and see where the year takes us. For

Your Job is Some BS.

Yeah, you read me right. And I mean exactly what you think I mean. Of course it’s more fun to receive life advice from a person who has achieved life perfection – but some amazing advice comes

Stop The Track. Let Me State Facts

I’ve been gone for a while, and a less interesting person would apologize. But let’s be honest. I’m really interesting and my time away from here has been nothing short of an epic adventure. When last we

Professional Personality Profile of a Jillian

You know that annoying overly personal question people ask all the time. The one that assumes an invitation into your inner mechanisms: “What do you want in a career?” <— THAT ONE.  And in your mind, you’ve

I See You’re Trying to Take Over My Friendships.

Let me ask you a question: Who owns all of your mutual friendships? I bet you worry about that when you’re dating, don’t you? You get introduced to a hottie by a mutual friend, and you immediately start